American singer/songwriter/performer Kevin Meyer has accomplished quite

A Valley Stream native, multitalented musician Kevin Mayer is sweeping the nation with his "get on your feet" sound

A Valley Stream native, multitalented musician Kevin Mayer is sweeping the nation with his “get on your feet” sound

a bit in his short career. The 23 year old North Valley Stream native has already been on the road with such acts as Hello Goodbye, Rocket To The Moon, Self Against the City, Houston Calls, and more. Kevin feels that the secret to his success is his strong work ethic, something that he brought from his roots.

Always interested in music, Kevin began his journey at the age of eight, when he taught himself to play the piano and guitar. Music had been a large part of his life, inside of school and out, and it offered him comfort, as well as a sense of pride in his own creativity and resourcefulness. His passion for the craft grew to such an intensity that by his eighteenth birthday, he had started the band, A Reckless Ride, and became front man as well as songwriter for the group.

Meyer found this balance exhausting, as most passionate musicians do. It frustrated him, too, that he could not find anyone to share his passion, and that the drive wasn’t there in his band members. Creating his act as a side project as his band was falling apart, Kevin brought his concept to MySpace in 2006, which is where he gained the confidence to launch out as a solo act.

With absolutely no idea of what this could turn into, Kevin continued to write, sing, and play his own music, all while building a following on Long Island and New York. Singing for his supper in the subway or at open mics, he began to find that performing on his own was definitely something that he was well suited for. And he was loving every moment of the ride.

2008 brought Meyer to Manhattan’s Institute for Audio Research, where he met Professor Mario Salvati, who saw potential in the young Mayer.  Salvati, who has worked with the likes of Blondie, Debbie Gibson, and Bob Dylan in the past, creatively assisted Meyer in achieving his professional sound. The fateful meeting brought about his debut EP, “Take Me Home”, the first of his solo career, which was released via iTunes, and a limited order CD was pressed. The CD took six months to record, a journey that Meyer states has taught him well. He credits bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, All Time Low and Brand New as his heaviest influences.

In 2009, Kevin Meyer began touring in coffee houses, open mics – basically, anywhere that he could sing. He began to develop a fan base, and by that year, 22,000 CD’s had been sold, both via the Internet and word of mouth. His song, “In My Arms” is the most popular song on the CD, “Take Me Home”. Two other CD’s were pressed between 2009 and 2010 that are on iTunes for digital download.

As Kevin became more recognizable, he was able to book more gigs, which meant a steady income. By 2010, he began in local venues, and by 2011, he was on the road to tour the country as a solo act, opening for such performers as Ryan Cabrera, whom he toured with this past fall, in support of the release, “Places We Belong”, Meyer’s new EP. Meyer worked on the new music with Mike Watts and Steven Haigler at Vudu Studios in Port Jefferson. The EP boasts five tracks, with lyrics that were inspired as Meyer toured on the road. For those unaware, Mike Watts’ credits include working with such bands as Brand New, As Tall as Lions, Story of The Year, The Dear Hunter, Hopesfall, and more. Kevin also gives writing and drum performance credits to Nick Cerenzo of the band, The Dear Hunters.

Last summer, Mayer was featured at Van’s Warped Tour at Nassau Coliseum, and played six dates, which is huge. He also toured with Hawthorne Heights, sharing the stage with the band for seven of the days and taking the stage as a solo artist for another 7. He toured with Ryan Cabrera in October, where over a six day span, he hit New York twice, New Jersey once, Connecticut, Maine, and Massachussets.

Mayer has a full plate ahead of him. In April, he tours with Trace Cyrus and The Ashland Eye. Van’s Warped Tour will hold a large part of his focus this summer, as well as several more tours that he has planned. Warped Tour, according to Mayer, runs from 8 am to 12:30 am, which means “you get three hours of sleep in your bus or in your trailer…it’s a hard job to tour and to communicate with your fans, just to keep people listening to you.” He states that at during his West Coast tour, which included Disneyland House of Blues, Beverly Hills, Anaheim and San Diego, he rented a hatchback and slept in it, which was a real “pain in the neck”, pardon the pun. He recalls the “tough days” fondly, but since he has been receiving a regular paycheck from the tours and his music, he has purchased a trailer, which have the ammenities of home available to him while on the road.

Currently, Kevin is working with a New Hampshire company, where he is writing jingles for them in his “off-time”, if you could consider this artist someone who allows grass to grow under his feet. He has been working from home, writing music and wants to eventually write for television commercials. His passion is truly for playing for his fans, and for giving a part of himself to them as he works his magic on the stage. He’s been “rockin” it out there for some time now, and it is his intent to continue to grace the stages for years to come.

For more information about this remarkably multitalented musician, you can visit his website at Tour dates, videos and tracks are available at this site. You can follow Kevin on Facebook by looking for him under “Kevin ‘Rockit’Mayer”. You can also order tickets for his upcoming tour through Ticketmaster,,, or All additional information can be found within any of these sites.